About two years ago now I watched a documentary on Channel 4 called: The Dambusters’ Great Escape. It was utterly compelling and well worth a look. The programme explored how, finally, the great Nazi warship was destroyed.  Here’s a link to a clip – take a look.


I found it fascinating to watch these men relive their experiences. And I began to wonder if   they suffered any sense of guilt or remorse. That maybe they did but they never discussed it? Because after all, they had simply been doing their job? I also started to think about how I might have viewed these men  before I watched the documentary had I seen them in my daily life. Would I have just seen ‘old men’ and not really considered the person behind the ageing facade?

But what really caught my attention was the story of a Norwegian man called Sander Pettersen. Sander, as a youngster, had worked in a German radar station during WW2 when Norway was under Nazi occupation. Here, he met a German officer whom Sander was certain helped bring about the destruction of Tirpitz – by witholding key information about the approaching British Lancaster bombers. What convinced him the German was working against his own people? A small silk Union Jack flag….hidden in his cigarette case. Now this really got me thinking…….


The Launch Of Bonnie Baby!

Last Saturday was the launch of ‘The Fourth Bonniest Baby in Dundee’! We had a great turnout at Waterstones Dundee and it was amazing meeting illustrator Kasia Matyajaszek for the first time. The Bonnie Baby puppet made his first appearance and we all sang the ‘Fourth Bonniest Baby in Dundee’ song. There was even a surprise….’the lady judge’ from the original Bonnie Baby Competition in Broughty Ferry appeared! What a hoot! Here are some pictures…..




The Big Reveal!

Well it’s an exciting day today as the publisher of my forthcoming historical fiction novel for children, Cranachan, have revealed the fab front cover! I hope you like it!  I think it looks really dramatic and exciting….hopefully like the book itself!

Three words to quicken the pulse…..Tirpitz is coming!




Coming soon!

Hi all! Welcome to my blog. At the moment I’m in the midst of editing and waiting! My picture book ‘The Fourth Bonniest Baby in Dundee’ is due to be properly announced by publisher Floris (Picture Kelpies) anytime and I’m working hard on editing my first historical fiction novel for children, ‘The Revenge of Tirpitz’ (published by Cranachan). I’ll be able to tell you more about both books very soon……