Hi all. Thanks for visiting my page.  I am a writer based in lovely sunny (well most of the time) Broughty Ferry in Dundee. I have three children, a feisty cat called Lola and a daft mutt called Scruff. In between chasing after everyone, I try to squeeze in precious writing time.  I’ve written two books so far, The Fourth Bonniest Baby in Dundee (Picture Kelpies) due out July 2016 and The Revenge of Tirpitz (Cranachan) due out August 2016.

Before I started writing, I was a primary school teacher. I taught for many years in Edinburgh before returning to college to study Drama and Theatre Arts.  I specialised in Arts Journalism and I discovered that I loved writing! I wrote a few reviews/previews for The List magazine before relocating Dundee where we now live.

Whilst at home raising a young family, I decided to have a shot at writing for children! I have written poems and all sorts of ideas for picture books and novels. Finally after many, many rejections,  The Fourth Bonniest Baby in Dundee was accepted! Meanwhile I decided to have a go at historical fiction. I’ve always loved history and it meant I could do lots of research.  I had a go at entering a local competition and wrote a story set during WWI in Dundee. I didn’t make the shortlist! I was so disappointed.  I knew I had to get back to it and have another shot. And so The Revenge of Tirpitz was born.

What next?  I’ll keep you posted. Happy writing everyone!