A Simple Plan

A rather poem I wrote a few years back about Burke and Hare……




The idea seemed just too simple
A knowing glance, a nod, tankards raised.
With that, a bond was cemented;
A whispered pact; a macabre union made.

The first was a gift from the devil,
A wheezing lodger, drunken, asleep
Minutes later his body lay lifeless
Our mission was almost complete.

Through the dense night we carried the body
A shroud to cover our path
Dogs barked, rats scavenged, drunks wallowed
But no one lingered; no one stared; no one asked .

The fresh corpse was shiftily welcomed,
Snatched at; no questions asked
A silent transaction passed swiftly
Now Knox could deliver his class

The streets of Auld Reekie seemed crammed now
With cadavers coveted like gold,
Choose wisely, we thought, be cannae
Pluck unwanted, pathetic, poor souls.

So it seemed, thereon that they came to us,
A kinship we knew we how to hearten
We’d drink with them;
Laugh with them
Comfort, then murder them;
Sell them to Knox who would butcher them.
Their faces peeled back out of sight.

We delayed things one night
We were cocky; it was the ale that led us astray
Our body lay cold, undelivered
One drink; a simple delay.

A scream was all that was needed
And we knew through the drunken fug
That our scheme had now been uncovered
Its dissection, its judgements begun.

The idea now seemed just too simple
A whispered pact; my partner betrayed
With that his fate was cemented
And mine?
A deal of freedom made.