The Art of Simple Sabotage!

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My husband knows me very well. On a trip to London some time ago, when I was in the midst of research, he visited the Imperial War Museum.

IMG_0306.jpgNot only did he take photographs for me of a Norwegian Resistance radio (above)  and various other secret agent gadgets, he bought me one of the best presents I could have hoped for: a book called, ‘The Secret Agent’s Pocket Manual’.  What could be better when you’re trying to write about clandestine activities during WW2?

I got a lot of practical advice from this corking wee book, particularly from the chapter entitled: ‘Simple Sabotage Field Manual, 1944’. Sabotage, it would seem is on a spectrum. From the art of everyday sabotage – opportunisitc, subtle, ‘the human element’ causing delays, accidents and ‘general obstruction’ right up to highly planned physical acts of mass destruction.

‘Simple sabotage does not require specially prepared tools or equipment; it is executed by an ordinary citizen – who may or may not act individually and without the necessity for active connection with an organised group; and it is carried out in such a way as to incolve a minimum danger or injury, detection, and reprisal.’

Sabotage, it emerged, was to become a major theme in ‘The Revenge of Tirpitz’.


One thought on “The Art of Simple Sabotage!

  1. George Telfer

    hi michelle will have to show you he artifacts that i have from the battle ships,of the first world war.reading your way to the book and some of your love for wrecks is the history and secrets.of the deep.and you would be amased of the things under water.ships that sit up right with haunting images.
    kindest regards george


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