The Big Reveal!

Well it’s an exciting day today as the publisher of my forthcoming historical fiction novel for children, Cranachan, have revealed the fab front cover! I hope you like it!  I think it looks really dramatic and exciting….hopefully like the book itself!

Three words to quicken the pulse…..Tirpitz is coming!




One thought on “The Big Reveal!

  1. Alan MacIver

    I saw The Revenge of Tirpitz in the Shetland Library. The idea of interweaving two story lines from decades apart looked intriguing, so I took the book on loan. Well, I quickly learned that the plot was a lot more than intriguing, it is absolutely brilliant. My, you fairly managed to stoke the tension as the story went on. You conveyed an impressive amount of detail without encumbering the story at all — a very impressive skill. I thoroughly recommend this book and will tell the librarians so when I return their book — and speaking as a 50 something year old “teenager”, I think older readers will enjoy it too. This one most certainly did.


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